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I offer Whole Class Ensemble Teaching (WCET) schemes of work using trumpets or recorders.  The purpose of these schemes is to give every child (regardless of social-economic background or ability) access to learn music through the study of a musical instrument in a whole class context.  The scheme enables a school and children to meet government standards and expectations.

The scheme of work usually lasts for 10 sessions at approx. 45 minutes duration each.  Schools often extend the tuition to cover a 20 or 30 week period, depending on requirements.  I have the capacity to teach classes up to 34 in number.  As long as there is space available and a projection device for the presentations, I am flexible where the sessions may be held.


In contrast to peripatetic tuition, where parents foot the cost of music tuition and instrument hire costs, the cost of these sessions are taken by the school.  The scheme is therefore accessible to every child.  Importantly, as consideration for the school, all instruments and materials required to run the sessions are supplied by me throughout the scheme/s.


The lesson series is taught in a whole class context and covers the main aspects of the National Curriculum for Music, as well as introducing children to music performance through learning an instrument.  As examples, children develop a basic understanding of notation and the elements of music, and foster individual and teamwork skills through composition, listening and improvisation exercises.  The range of activity and differentiated material within the programme allows children of all abilities or knowledge of music to develop as individuals.  Children develop transferable skills, such as perseverance, focus, and dedication by gaining confidence through collaboration and creativity.  


It is important to note that these schemes do not replace or impinge on existing tuition in a school.  If a school already delivers peripatetic lessons for brass or recorder instruments, the scheme would ideally function alongside such tuition and likely serve to increase interest and uptake for those lessons.  WCET is a general music tuition through the medium of playing an instrument (rather than overly specialised tuition) and may excite a child’s interest to further pursue music endeavours.  If the schemes result in children and parents seeking additional study, this can only aid existing provision.


It is recommended class teachers and/ or TA’s get involved with the scheme/s not only to maximise child involvement but for CPD.  On the other hand, the sessions may allow opportunity for schools to schedule PPA.  This would save the requirement and cost for a school to pay for a substitute teacher.

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