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I am a self employed peripatetic music teacher specializing in brass and woodwind tuition for children and adults.  I also teach beginner guitar, piano and drum lessons.  Most tuition is individual or small groups though I additionally offer whole class music lessons and ensemble tuition.  I have just completed a PGCE(i) in Group Instrument Learning to further enhance my education, knowledge and skills - this has built on existing expertise, including experience as a music coordinator within one school delivering Foundation Stage music as well as Key Stage 1 and 2 materials.

Recently I was the Director at Hot House Music LLP in Swansea.   As well as offering tuition for the social-enterprise, I ran several ensembles for children and adults as well as organised regular concerts and performance opportunities  

While I was still living in Gloucestershire, I ran a brass ensemble in a secondary school and, through work in a music centre, ran classes in music theory, led an adult wind ensemble, acted as the brass specialist for first access courses and have conducted a junior orchestra and senior wind ensemble. 

Individual and group tuition involves half-hour lessons operating as part of the school day or privately.  These lessons focus on instrument tuition, guiding children and adults through grades, theory or wherever a students passion takes them.  As part of an introductory package, I can run a demonstration assembly within schools to develop interest in tuition.  Tuition is online or in residence.

I work within schools on a self-employed basis through the support of Hot House Music, offering whole class tuition and individual to small group study.  Whole class tuition involves educating children on the fundamentals of music, while giving each child the opportunity to play an instrument they may not otherwise have access.  These classes usually run for 10 weeks with scope for extension to a 20 week period.  I currently operate in schools where whole class tuition runs year round.

I am a young adult with varied interests, including sports (rugby, football, badminton, squash and athletics).  I am a member of Coed Darcy FC and a proud sponsor of their second team.  I have played music since I was a child and acquired a Master of Arts while studying at Cardiff University.  At university, I performed as the Principal Trumpet within its' orchestra and more recently have played for local community wind and jazz groups and in pit ensembles for music theatre productions.  I am an active member of a soul/funk/ska group called 'The SoulSkunks' performing at functions, such as award ceremonies and weddings, festivals and local music venues.

I have an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and am registered with the Education Workforce Council of Wales.  I have up-to-date Child Protection training and am registered with the ICO.


Continuing Professional Development

As well as attending regular staff training during my recent work at Hot House Music and on-going work at Penyrheol Comprehensive with the council while receiving regular audits and reviews, I undertake my own Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  The aim of my CPD is to acquire tools to be a better rounded teacher in all facets of teaching, to add to my existing music expertise, to give greater learning experiences to my students.

I regularly undertake courses to aid with my understanding of students and to support my individual, group and classroom teaching.  All the courses undertaken are verifiable and accredited by the CPD Accreditation Service.  Below is a list of some the courses undertaken (each links to the certification):

I undertake regular Child Protection training and other courses, as part of my employments.  You may also note that I have lots of experience with students with SEN(D), which makes me uniquely qualified when setting differentiated tasks for pupils. 

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