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For whole class tuition, please see the whole class tuition page.

My rates determined by Musician Union minimum recommended levels and represent a fair market value, considering my expertise.  I currently charge below this level!

Below is a snapshot at some of the terms and conditions students sign while embarking on lessons:

All students sign a contract of services, before commencing lessons.  Most of the particulars of the contract can be found in the Terms and Conditions (T & C) section.  Below I will give a short breakdown of lesson charges and duration, etc, in private and school contexts and additional information not contained within the T & C page:

Private lessons

  • The price of private lessons is £ 17.55 per 30 minutes for each individual.  The current Musicians Union minimum rate £ 36.00 per hour from September, 2021).

  • I typically travel to a pupils' home for tuition, though will consider lessons at my residence*.  If the travel to a persons home exceeds 30 miles (round trip), then I may negotiate an increased lesson price with the tutee.  Lessons are available online.  *Subject to COVID guidance.

  • Private lessons are presently charged on a lesson-by-lesson basis, though I reserve the right to amend this policy without notice.  Should you prefer to pay in advance on a four-weekly basis or (other schedule), this can be considered.  I am implementing a year round charge, details of which will be published along with the schemes release.

  • Lessons are 30 minutes in duration, though may be extended at additional charge.  Other lesson lengths are available.

Peripatetic lessons

  • For peripatetic work within schools, lessons are charged termly in advance in blocks of 11 three times per year.  I may deliver more or less than 11 lessons in each block, due to the variable length of each school term.  The aim is that 33 lessons will be delivered and charged throughout the academic year.  Further lessons may be delivered and charged, on request.  I am implementing a year round monthly charge, details of which will be published along with the scheme release.

  • Lessons are typically 30 minutes in duration, though are often 15 or 20 minutes for primary/ new students.  

  • For primary schools the charge lowers in a group context to £ 8.78 per student for each 30 minute lesson (£ 96.58* per term).  £ 64.39* per individual is the termly charge in schools where 20 minute shared lessons are delivered.  There is a possible further discount for larger groups, where the number of children in a group exceeds three. 

  • For private or secondary schools, where lessons are mostly individual, prices match the private rate at £ 17.55 per 30 minutes. £ 193.05* per term.  *Using the 30 lessons per year, 11 lessons per term model.  These figures will change if additional lessons are delivered and/ or a monthly charge model is introduced. 

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