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  • All instruments and teaching materials (including PowerPoint presentations) are supplied by me.

  • The lessons can take place in a hall or classroom, with appropriate access to an interactive whiteboard or projector.

  • Each lesson is 45 minutes in duration (an hour is allowed for set-up purposes).

  • The scheme of work can run for 10, 20 or 30 week periods.

  • The maximum capacity per session is c. 34 children (usually one class at a time) and tuition for more than one class in each school is accepted.

  • Content of lessons is adaptable, so can be differentiated for different year groups (although I recommend the trumpet programme is not considered until children are in Year 3, at the earliest).

  • Spaces would be considered for the Autumn-, Spring- or Summer- term.

  • Tuition works alongside existing peripatetic teaching.


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"Neil Southgate has been a wonderful brass teacher for my class.  He is not only kind, and very patient, but he inspires the children to enjoy learning and to love music. Neil is an excellent teacher, always calm and prepared. His organisation of lessons is totally reliable.  Neil's talent for teaching is evident: it can be seen in the lessons where the children participate with great focus and excitement; it is evident when he worked with a whole class aged from 6 to 9, managing to engage them all; he gently encourages practice, attention to details and dynamics all in a fun and relaxed learning environment. He shows a genuine interest in each child and the value they gain from the sessions whilst covering all the musical elements needed to make progress.  My class has looked forward to their brass lessons and it has become the highlight of the week!  I would recommend Neil to anyone needing a brass teacher"

Caroline Cook,

Music subject leader, Redmarley Primary Academy

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