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I am currently a self-employed peripatetic music teacher (since Sept. 2014).  I have just completed a PGCE(i) in Group Instrument Learning to further enhance my education, knowledge and skills.  This has built on my existing expertise and help me establish a working relationship with many other musicians to expand my offerings for students.

In my role, I teach individual, group and whole class music lessons for children of primary and secondary school age.  Content caters for beginner to advanced levels.  I teach most woodwind and brass instruments and beginner guitar, piano and drums.  I also have experience running ensembles and Whole Class lessons.


Since September 2018 I was employed by Penyrheol Comprehensive School as their brass and woodwind peripatetic tutor.  I also helped with an outreach programme to encourage music development in the primary schools that feed the comprehensive.  I stepped down from this position to focus on my self-employed business.

From September, 2019 until July, 2021, I was contracted as the Director at Hot House Music LLP for Swansea.  I became affiliated with this social enterprise company because of the additional opportunities I could offer my students - such as recording, ensembles and tours!  As well as maintaining and creating more tuition, I ran several music centres with various ensembles for adults and children. 

From September, 2014, until June, 2019 I was a County Music Group Tutor at Five Valleys Music Centre in Stroud.  Within this role, I conducted and arranged music for various adult and child ensembles, including an adult wind band and youth wind band, orchestra and brass band.   I also ran senior theory classes.  Additionally, I was the brass specialist for Gifted and Talented tuition (formerly called, First Access), where I guided groups of children or adults through a crash course in learning an instrument for the first time. 

As part of Gloucestershire Music until Dec, 2019, I was a Whole Class Ensemble Tutor (WCET).  I have experience guiding a successful scheme of work to primary school children on a 10, 20 or 30 week programme.  Therein, I deliver whole class brass lessons to children from a range of backgrounds, throughout the county.

On a self-employed basis, I have ran year-round whole class recorder lessons for Year 3 in one primary school and have previously operated as a Music Coordinator within another, where I taught Foundation Years Music, whole class recorder and whole class brass lessons to children in year groups 2 to 6.  As a result, I have developed my own series of whole class lessons on brass instruments, recorders and general musicianship that I am able to offer to other schools.  I have been running Whole Class Ukulele and Trumpet sessions in a local primary school and advertise my services locally.

Moreover, I am a peripatetic tutor, running lessons within and outside of schools for children and adults.  Although the main tuition in these lessons is on brass and woodwind instruments, I am also able to teach beginner guitar, piano and drum lessons.  Peripatetic tuition is my main speciality.  I teach online and face-to-face, using my new studio space adhering to COVID guidance and regulations.

In addition to the above, I have run a brass ensemble in a private secondary school and assisted with an adult concert band, Lakeside Concert Band.  I therefore have experience teaching in a range of contexts for adults and children.  

I undergo Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

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